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    Internationa and domestic transport  
    Many years of experience in international and domestic transport give us an  
    opportunity to offer our services with guaranty of good quality and precision in delivery.  
    Intrenational transport from European countries to Serbia and backwards and also a  
    domestic transport we fulfil with our own vehicles. In our vehicle park mostly are trucks  
    carrying capacity 3,5 t and smaller delivery vehicles. With our partner firm Ivasped Kft  
    in Szeged-Hungary we can also offer a transport with a vehicles carrying capacity 24 t  
    and container shipment from port to final destination.  
    All vehicles have the CMR insurance for goods in transport.  
    Our own workshop for services and control of the vehicles, make better efficiency  
    in delivering the goods.  
    Within our services we can also offer a distribution of the merhandise from our warehouse  
    in Subotica, to any final customer in Serbian territory.  
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